Food Monsters & Not So Mini House Panthers

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Here’s a quick update on what’s going on a Kitten BnB lately….

Harry and Sally: These tabby babies have been spending their days with me in my office. We use our office as our backup kitten room, either because the main kitten room is occupied or if we have a small litter or babies. In their case, The Country Kittens had already taken up residence in the main kitten room so these guys got the office. Harry and Sally are quickly growing up. This week they broke out of my office and have taken over our bedroom.

Harry and Sally are now about 8 weeks old and absolutely perfect.  Harry is a little food monster and he growls at Sally if she tries to eat food near him. The other day I put some kitten replacement milk with their food since Sally is a bit of a picky eater. Harry went nuts for the milk food and kicked her out of it, so they have to be fed separately.

The food monster in his element with Sally just hanging in the background. 

Sally doesn’t seem to mind too much because she is always all about playing. She’s quite the opposite of Harry – she’s agile and graceful; he’s more of a goof even though he tries hard to make it look smooth. She is constantly bunny kicking toys and lately, she’s been having a great time jumping around in my comforter. She got her first case of the zoomies the day she discovered the comforter and wouldn’t stop pouncing into it and spinning around in circles after her tail.

After arriving a few weeks ago with a nasty URI, Harry and Sally are now over 2lbs and healthy. I’m planning on taking them to the vet this week so they can be cleared for spay/neuter and hopefully adoption this weekend. I would love to see them adopted together, so please email me at if you know anyone that is interested in this amazing pair.

The Country Kittens:

Panama, Spain, Egypt, Korea, Peru and Costa have been with me for the past month. Originally, I had expected their stay to be short as most of them were near 2lbs when they arrived. However, kitten fostering is always full of surprises as we soon found out they had calici virus.  While it’s definitely a mild case – we want to make sure they are healthy enough for spay and neuter. Thankfully, their energy is off the charts (in a bouncing-off-the-walls good way). They are constantly chasing each other, fighting over their favorite toys, and all around causing a whirlwind of commotion in the kitten room. They have great appetites and are steadily gaining weight. In fact, we think Spain is going to be the largest cat we’ve had once he’s fully grown given how big his frame is already. Later this week, I will give a more detailed update on the kittens since we have a vet visit (In case you’re wondering, Panama is doing great, thank goodness).

Spain relaxing for a brief moment

Panama, Peru, Korea and Costa are also still looking for adopters. If you know any one who is interested, please send me an email at

The  BnB : 

Things have been busy at the BnB as we’ve had a lot of guests recently. We were playing card games with one of our guests Saturday night who’s from London. She introduced us to this really fun game called Dobble (I found out later it’s called Dobble in the UK but the US version is called Spot It). It is an extremely simple game but it is surprisingly SO much fun. The easiest way to describe it is it’s basically a matching game where there are two cards and there’s a matching symbol on each card. Whoever is the first one to spot the matching symbols get to keep those card and whoever has the most cards at the end wins! If you guys haven’t tried it, seriously try it out! You’ll be in for a really fun night, I promise!






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  1. Love this update on all of the guests – 2 and 4 legged. And the photos are adorable & hilarious (oh harry!!!).

  2. I love hearing all about the kittens Jess! Thanks so much for sharing with us! I hope I get to visit you all someday ?

  3. Hey Jess thank you for all you do to help all the beautiful furbabies. I love all the updates ty! I help TNR, rescue, foster, feed etc…… In Clayton County Ga & it is really sad how people just eith dont care or are ignorant about spay/neuter & owning a pet is a lifelong commitment! God Bless You Jess!

    Lisa Brown

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