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All the Country kittens except Panama – she was on the cat tree!

Summer has always been my favorite season, mostly because I love the sun, or more appropriately, because I hate being cold. It’s a time when we get to enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors, beach vacations and fresh local corn! It’s also the height of kitten season which means a full house at Kitten BnB. However, it’s also the time of year when adoptions start to slow.

I always love to get my kittens adopted through Instagram but the next best thing is to take them to an adoption event. It can be a significant time commitment but as a foster I think it’s really important to go for a number of reasons.

  • Your kittens will be more comfortable – The events can be really overwhelming for some kittens and it’s good for them to have a familiar scent. I’ve found that it really helps them be more playful and relaxed.
  • You can be an advocate for your kittens – Potential adopters always have a lot of questions about the kittens personality, how they interact with others, and how the kittens behave in a home environment. Being able to answer those questions has helped my kittens get adopted in the past.
  • You get to meet their furrever family – When I first started fostering, it was a lot harder to say goodbye because I didn’t attend adoption events and never got to know where my kittens ended up. I’m sure they went to great homes, but sometimes I still wonder about them.  Having a relationship with my kittens’ new families lets me know my kittens are being taken care of and are loved. Nothing makes me happier than those messages. I also make it clear that if the adopter needs anything, I am there for them and would be happy to help them if needed.
  • You can encourage others to foster –  Some people stop by the events and aren’t quite ready to adopt.  Simply by letting them know that fostering is an option can convince someone to give it a try! Since fostering can sometimes seem scary and overwhelming if you’ve never done it, hearing firsthand can be reassuring (I know because when I started, it took me months for me to finally attend the foster orientation).


One of Harry and Sally’s last cuddle sessions in my bed

Last Thursday, I took all 8 kittens in for a vet check. I had a feeling Harry and Sally would be cleared for surgery but I was unsure about the Country Kittens.  I didn’t know if they had beat their battle with calici virus yet but I brought them along for the ride since they needed their next round of booster shots anyway.  After sitting in the shelter’s waiting area for an hour and a half, the foster team finally came out and told me ALL kittens were good to go. This meant that they would go to surgery the following day at the ASPCA and then would be ready to go to the weekend’s adoption events.

Even though it was great news that Harry, Sally, Costa, Peru, Panama and Korea would soon be going to adoption events, I was still a little shocked that I would be going home alone. (In case you were counting, Egypt and Spain already had an adopter lined up and were going home together, yay!)

Korea and Panama on my lap 

With 6 kittens going to adoption events, I knew I was in for an entire weekend of work but that’s okay – it’s always worth it!

Saturday’s event in Riverdale (the Bronx)

Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always cooperate for adoption events. It was rainy and the location didn’t have much foot traffic. Harry was the only kitten that got adopted that day, which wasn’t surprising given how cute the little fluffball is. Truthfully, I was a little disappointed because I really wanted him and Sally together. He was adopted to a very nice family though and they’ve sent me pictures and messages since saying how much they love him!

Sunday’s event in Hell’s Kitchen (Manhattan)

Sunday was a beautiful day and the event was in Hell’s Kitchen, a NYC neighborhood with much better foot traffic. It started out so great because by the time I arrived at the event, Sally already had an application in! This is the sweetest story: a man stopped by on his way to work and met Sally. He asked if the event would still be going on in a few hours, so he could come back and adopt her. The adoption counselor said most likely she’d be adopted by then, so the man called his job and said he was going to be late and stayed to adopt her. Sally now has a Persian sister named Khloe. Sally’s new dad said she’s been copying everything her big sister does, and that they’re all getting along so well already.

The rest of the day didn’t go as well. Only one other kitten got adopted and it wasn’t Korea, Panama or Costa. I took all 3 home with me and hopefully they have better luck this weekend!

Baby Spain – he now is HUGE and weighed 4.9 ounces last Thursday! 

The current guests

I know it’s hard to keep track of all these kittens but as I’m typing this there are 7 kittens here right now.  Here’s the how I ended up going from zero (on Thursday) and back to a full house:

  • 1, 2 and 3… After the event on Saturday, I stopped back at the shelter to pick up Egypt and Spain since their adopter couldn’t pick them up until later in the week. Even though Peru was initially cleared the vet check, she was rejected from surgery from ASPCA. We think she has a food allergy so are currently experimenting with a new diet (if you’ve dealt with food allergies before, please let me know).
  • 4, 5 and 6… Costa, Panama and Korea got to travel the world a little bit (well, the NYC area) and are now back at Kitten BnB and LOVING life back in the foster room. I really hope someone special adopts them. Panama and Korea have come so far. They really hated me when I first got them and now they crave attention, it makes my heart melt!
  • And 7! When I found out that all my babies were leaving me on Thursday, I knew I couldn’t leave kitten-less during kitten season. Naturally I asked for more kittens to foster while I was there. I had specific requirements on what I would be able to foster since I’m going away in a couple of weeks for a wedding. They didn’t have any litters but had a singleton named Mitty who was looking for a foster.  She only needs to gain a few ounces and to get over a kitty cold. She’s been spending time in my office and bedroom. There will be more on Mitty in the next post.

Mitty getting comfortable 



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  1. Hi Jess-

    Thanks for the update. We will be looking seriously for a kitten in September, so keep your newsletters coming.

    I didn’t realize you are on Instagram.
    Kittenbnb? I’ll follow you.

    I’m at RescueDogsLoveYouBest. There are also plenty of pictures of our recovering feral cat, Tony.

  2. Hi Jess…
    Mitty is adorable. I Would LoVe to Adopt him.Let me know Asap.As you know I Live
    In the EastV illage Mahattan. My email is

    Thanks Jess

  3. I look foward to seeing you’re update emails its so sweet what you do.

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