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I am so sorry for the delay on this blog post. SO much has happened since I last wrote one. The past few weeks have been very busy here at Kitten BnB! We have had guests almost every day since we’ve been back from vacation and we also have 6 new fosters! More on those guys in the next post though – this post is dedicated to Panama.

As some of you may know, Panama was adopted on Clear the Shelters Day but then was returned the very next day.  I actually wasn’t notified by the shelter she was returned but I happened to have stumbled upon it by looking at the shelter’s website myself.  When I found out, I struggled with what to do with her.  It really broke my heart to see her there  but I wasn’t sure if I should let her stay in the shelter for exposure or go pick her up. I was going away for for a couple of weeks so even if I did pick her up, I’d only be able to have her for a few days. Ultimately, I decided it was best for her to stay in the shelter for exposure and for me to just promote her via my Instagram.

My pleas for her to find a home on Instagram ended up working and a few potential adopters reached out to adopt her. Unfortunately, by the time I interviewed the potential adopters, she was already pulled from the shelter by an approved rescue group. I should probably explain this process in more detail in a later post since I’m not sure if everyone understands what I mean when I say she was “pulled”.  The easiest way to describe it though is that a rescue essentially adopted Panama and took her into their program.  I usually don’t see this happening with my kittens especially when they are healthy and easily adoptable like Panama was.  I never even expected that scenario to happen.

While it is great that a rescue took Panama in, I was also a little disappointed. Unfortunately, it’s the shelter’s policy to not tell the general public where an animal was placed. As a volunteer, I don’t really consider myself general public but technically, I still am. Therefore, I wasn’t able to know where Panama went. There are hundreds of rescues that my shelter works with so it’s very hard to find out where a kitten goes once they are pulled. I am hopeful that in the future this process will change.

Anyways, one of Panama’s potential adopters was determined to adopt her. He contacted my shelter but they weren’t able to give him the information either. They told him they could pass along his information to the rescue and they could contact him. Unfortunately, that never happened. A week had passed but this potential adopter was determined to find her.  He went down the list of approved rescues the shelter had given him and after emailing all of them, he finally got a response!

Panama was taken in by a rescue in Connecticut.  During Panama’s time with the rescue, another kitten, Goose, became bonded to her. This other kitten was very shy and not very social similar to what Panama was like when I first got her. After weeks in my home though, Panama had become an extrovert and loved being around people.  Panama was helping Goose by showing her how to interact with others and that people weren’t that scary.  The rescue decided that it was best if they were adopted out together.


( Goose and Panama at the rescue – Goose has jet black fur and Panama has chocolate fur)

The adopter who searched for Panama wasn’t planning on getting two kittens since he already had 3 other cats at home. However, he decided he’d take both! When I heard that news, I was over the moon with happiness.  I was so happy that Panama not only found a home but also helped another kitten who would’ve took much longer to get adopted, get a home too!

(Panama )

The adopter took the two of them home about 3 weeks ago and truthfully, it’s been a bit of a bumpy road. While, Panama has been smothering the adopter with attention since her arrival at her new home.  I don’t think the adopter was fully prepared for how shy Goose was and was a little overwhelmed with how to handle her. This is pretty common and a normal reaction. I was really worried that he’d return them both though and I really couldn’t let them happen again.  In addition to Goose’s shyness, Panama had gotten sick and Goose was losing some hair around her ears and face. Panama ended up having just a cold but Goose had ringworm! Ringworm is not a worm but it’s actually a fungus. It is highly contagious and it also requires oral medication for about 3 weeks to clear up, in addition to topical medication being applied every few days as well. This was going to make socializing Goose a little more complicated.

I have socialized kittens before but I’ve never taught another person how to socialize so I wasn’t really sure how to to go about it, especially someone who was feeling in over their head. I reached out to my friend, Hazel ( @hopewellrescue), who is amazing at socializing and has helped so many cats/kittens.  Hazel was willing to work with the adopter and has provided him with a lot of tips and tricks. With her help, thankfully, Goose is a lot of improvement! Hazel also helped the adopter to figure out a way to give Goose her medicine without compromising her progress. I could not be more thankful for her help.**

(Goose in her forever home with ringworm on her nose but looking very relaxed)

Part of the reason why I held off on writing this post is because I wanted to let it play out a little bit. I really hope I can provide another positive update in a few weeks!

** If you are interested in learning how to socialize or just interested in following Hazel’s rescue work – check out her instagram @hopewellrescue for some great videos!







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  1. Wow I didn’t realize that the adopter found Panama through you and went through all that to find her! She’s such a special kitten and is doing such a great job showing Goose how awesome humans are. Thank you for sharing that some cats are just scared and are capable of coming around and loving humans with the right approach, patience and time.

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