5 Holiday Themed Cat Toys I Got From Target

One of the little things that gives me a lot of joy is finding new, fun toys for the kittens. Since I’m big fan of shopping online and I love having everything delivered as quickly as possible, I tend to stick to Amazon, Chewy or Petco. I recently rediscovered my love for Target though and I thought I’d share my finds with you!

I’m not really sure why but ever since I moved to New York City way too many years ago, I rarely shop at Target. It’s a shame because I used to LOVE shopping there before. Target always has the most adorable box cat scratchers, and they have different ones for every season. I’ve been eyeing them for a while and the other day I decided to finally purchase the cat scratcher. I also got a few other toys from their holiday collection and I thought I’d spread some holiday cheer by sharing my favorites with you!


1. Bakery Scratch House for Cats – Wondershop™

This cat scratcher was a MUST for me! They had a lot of different kinds but I chose the one that was the Bake Shop. I have a major sweet tooth and bakeries are one of my happy places. Fun fact: I lived in several neighborhoods in NYC and each time I’d get a new apartment, I’d also get a new favorite bakery! So with all that said, it was only natural that I chose the Bake Shop. The other options are great too though and they consist of a Christmas tree, a movie theater, presents and an RV. It’s so much fun seeing the kittens play house in the bakeshop! 

2. Triple Tunnel Cat Toy – Wondershop™

Watching a group of kittens run and pounce on each other inside a tunnel might be the cutest thing ever. Then when you add in the fact that this tunnel is snow themed and has a bell on it, it’s even better! I have a few cat tunnels but one thing I love about this one that the others don’t have is the green skirt which adds extra crinkle to the whole experience!

3. Nutcracker Holiday Cat Toy – 3pk – Wondershop™

If you’re someone who likes the nutcracker, you’re going to love this nutcracker themed toy.  It’s plush on the outside but inside it’s a hard cardboard and it has a bell inside. The toy is also in the most gorgeous blue color. It also has catnip inside so your kitty should love it too!

4. Plaid Mice Holiday Cat Toy – 5pk – Wondershop™

I’m a sucker for all things plaid and these mouse toys are no exception. They come in all different colors and a couple of different textures and they’re filled with catnip!

5. Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Mice Holiday Cat Toy – 5pk – Wondershop™

Another spin mouse toy but with a different festive spin is this hot cocoa toy that comes with marshmallow mice! The mousiemallow’s are too cute and the mug is soft and crinkly.