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Amazon Favorites

The kittens love to take naps in this hammock bed. The hammock is machine washable so it’s very easy to clean! They have a rocker version and a standard version. They kittens like seem to like the standard version more, so I would suggest that if you’re on the fence.


This combines two things kittens love – looking out the window and lounging in a hammock. It’s made out of heavy duty felt so it’s really fun for them to practice their climbing on and it can also take a beating.

This is Sweet Potato’s signature lounger. He loved it so much that we sent it home with him. His new parents continue to send me pictures of him sleeping in his pretty pink perch all the time!

This hammock has been out of stock lately so if you see one available, I definitely recommend scooping it up. If it’s out of stock, you can always add it to your Wishlist for later.

This toy lets your cat “hunt” their prey which is both physically and mentally stimulating. We save this one for our most active cats and for when we have moms. Mama Fritter loved this thing, almost as much as playing fetch.


This 3-level tower is one of the first toys I give baby kittens but it’s great for cats of all ages. You’ll recognize it by its distinct bright orange color.

Multiple cats can play with it at the same time and we often find a group of kittens huddled around it (or passed out after running out of gas).

It’s lightweight and very easy to clean. I prefer this version for kittens because has a safety bar on top, though they also have a 4-rung tower if you’re looking to splurge ($20).

These chips and guac toys are both adorable and fun! They’re filled with catnip and make a crinkle sound, winning features for any cat. My recent fosters, Sweet Potato and Mama Fritter, loved them – we even had to buy another pack after Mama Fritter stole it from Sweet Potato. 

If you can only buy one thing from this list, this is it! Mouse toys are a perennial favorite at KittenBnB and this is by far my favorite of them. It almost goes without saying, but they’re a steal at $2.59.   

I don’t think we’ve ever had a kitten dislike this toy. We’ll often see one of them prancing around with their ‘catch’ and growling at any of their siblings who approach. We’re not sure what it is about this toy, but it’s always a hit (which explains why we have so many!).

These are a variation of the mouse toy that I love so much. This is a 3 pack with a skunk, squirrel and a chipmunk. The kittens love these too. I usually give them a variety but the mouse is my go to! We also have some ducks in our rotation, so go with whatever style you like the best.

Don’t be fooled by this toy’s basic appearance – it’s a miracle toy! It makes even shyest or laziest cats come out to play. Cats can’t seem to resist this one.

If you need more proof, it has 4.7 stars on Amazon and almost 10,000 reviews. Did I mention that it’s only $2?!

This is easily one of my favorite everyday beds. It’s super cozy and has held up well in the wash, which are our two primary requirements. (Another huge bonus is that the bottom is waterproof so nothing leaks onto the floor if someone has an accident.)

As you might imagine, our beds take a lot of abuse. Most other generic beds we’ve gotten off Amazon have fallen apart within a few dozens washes, while this one is still going strong! 

They have a wide variety of colors – I have both the pink and teal ones and will probably pick up another. !

I would have never guessed a rug with holes would be so much fun. The kittens love to hide, stalk, and pounce on each other while playing in it. This usually ends up turning into a Royal Rumble of fluff.

We get tons of questions on these. I use this playpen with EVERY litter of kittens I get. I truly could not live without it.

It’s perfect for containing bottle babies all the way up through kittens until they get to be about 10 weeks old. We’ve also been told they’re good at deterring full-grown cats depending on their activity level, i.e., your mileage may vary.

I absolutely love top entry litter boxes. If you haven’t tried one before, I would absolutely recommend checking it out.

It took me forever to find one that was small enough for kittens to easily climb in and out of. This one is perfect and it’s also affordable, just $22! I use the medium size but they also have a larger size for adult cats and they come in a variety of colors.

There are a ton of tunnel options out there but this one has stood the test of time at KittenBnB. It’s always at the center of action – the kittens love to stomp on it, push it around the room and pounce on each other from the outside and through the hole in the middle.

We also love that it folds up since we can take it with us if we happen to go away for the weekend (with the kittens, of course!). Ours is teal and white but are a bunch of other colors to choose from.

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