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**We apologize, but KittenBnB is currently closed due to COVID-19. We will provide more info on the reopening timeline once we know more. Thank you for the continued support!

KittenBnB started out as just an Instagram account to help me get my foster kittens adopted. My husband, Erik, and I joked that our home was a cozy bed and breakfast for our little guests, since we were providing the kittens a place to eat, sleep, and play.

We want to share the joy of  kittens with others, so we decided to open our home up to human guests too! 

I’ve found that the scariest part about fostering for most people is starting. It can seem very overwhelming and I know for me, it took me a while to finally attend the foster orientation at my shelter.  If you’re interested in fostering, this is a perfect way to see what it’s all about and give you the confidence to do it on your own!

If you’re not interested in fostering, that’s okay too ( although you might change your mind once you’re here!). Come stay with us on your next vacation or work-trip. During your stay, you can relax, play with and cuddle our kitten guests while helping to socialize them! 

For more information on our accommodations or to book your stay, please see the links below: