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** We apologize, but KittenBnB is currently closed due to COVID-19 **

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KittenBnB is the first boutique BnB dedicated to saving kittens.

In 2015, we opened our home to little feline guests, foster kittens from the local shelter. In 2018 we decided it was time to start hosting human guests too!

We’re located in Hoboken, NJ, which is right across the Hudson River from New York City. Hoboken is a cozy, walkable city right on the doorstep of NYC.

And New York… well, we love New York. There are a million reasons why you should visit – and hopefully now you have one more 🙂

Did we mention there are KITTENS!?

Our story

KittenBnB started out as just an Instagram account – a place where we can share the stories of our foster kittens to help get them adopted.

Erik and I joke that our home is a cozy bed and breakfast for our little guests. We offer them a safe place to eat, sleep and play – a quick stop to rest up before continuing their journey.

We realize now this name might have been a little confusing, because we started getting a lot of questions like “Is this a real place?!” and “How do we make a reservation?!”

Luckily, no one showed up on our doorstep, because they surely would have been disappointed.

At the time, we were living in a small, one bedroom apartment in Manhattan. We might have lent you our couch, but you would have had to deal with our rowdy guests – the revolving door of kittens that always kept us at full capacity.  

The story doesn’t end there, of course. The idea stuck with us and in 2018, we moved across the river to Hoboken so that we could open a real KittenBnB. Now we have room for human guests and, not so coincidentally, more kittens too!

We would love for you stay with us the next time you come to NYC. Our foster kittens love to play and cuddle with visitors (you might enjoy it too). It’s great in helping to socialize them and who knows, one might even steal your heart!

For more information on our accommodations or to book your stay, please see the links below and feel free to contact Erik ( with any questions: