Cat Toys I Bought and Loved from Target!

The other day I was shopping onine at Target and I couldn’t resist adding all these adorable cat toys to my cart! 

Platypus Cat Toy – Boots & Barkley™

I almost didn’t buy this platypus because while it’s cute, it doesn’t look like anything special compared to the other toys. The reviews are really what sold me on this and I’m so glad they did. So far, Olivia seems to really love it. She loves to pounce, and bunny kick it and it also makes a rattle noise which she likes too.

Quirky Kitty Pineapple & Flamingo Cat Toy

I really just couldn’t resist the Flamingo and I’m kind of obsessed with the pineapple too. I just love the tropical vacation vibes. I’ve had several kittens play with these toys and I can confidently say both are well loved and I’ll definitely be repurchasing. As always, be sure to watch your kitty with they are playing with feather toys (and any toy for that matter). 

SmartyKat Leggy Llama Catnip Cat toy

I think anything Llama themed is adorable and this toy is no exception. It also has a lot of features that make it a great cat toy. It’s very floppy so it’s perfect for wrestling and running around with it. It can also be used as a tiny little head rest for when they finally tire themselves out and fall asleep on it.

Mylar Toys 4 pk – Boots & Barkley™

I love crinkle balls but I’m also very cautious about buying them. I’ve bought a few off Amazon where the dye would run onto my wood floors when they would get wet. Unfortunately, that happened more often than I’d like since sometimes the kittens either spill their water bowl or drop the crinkle ball into it. 

I was really hopefully when getting these because they are clear and they looked sturdy.  So far they’ve held up well and no dye has stained my floors, so I’d buy them again! 

Sloth Cat Toy – Boots & Barkley™

This was another toy that I couldn’t resist because of how cute it is. I mean c’mon how adorable is this sloth? The kittens love it because it’s fuzzy and it also has this elastic loop on top so they can easily carry it around. As a bonus, there’s also some catnip inside. 

Quirky Kitty Avocado Toast

Full disclosure – I didn’t end up getting this toy. I already have an avocado toy from amazon and I think I talked myself out of getting this one but now that I’m looking at it I’m regretting it so I’m adding it here! Both these toys have great reviews and my avocado toy doesn’t come with toast and how can you have an avocado without toast? I guess I’ll be adding it next time!

Glitter Fish Tacos Cat Toy – 2pk – Boots & Barkley™

Our blind foster kitten, Buddy, has been LOVING this toy. I think because of crinkle sound it makes.  It’s very lightweight and small enough in size so he’s frequently carrying it around with him. Most days I find it hidden in our bed after he takes his naps. 

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