We’re looking for help!

Role: Assistant 

Right hand assistant to Founder, Jess, in nearly all business aspects and helping with day-to-day responsibilities. You would be working directly with Jess and our foster kitten guests.

Responsibilities include:

  • Care for kittens: feed them, play with them and make sure they’re safe
  • Oversee guest experience: show houseguests how to interact with the kittens, supervise playtime to make sure the kittens stay safe, and answer any questions they may have
  • Maintain the kitten play areas: change litter boxes and generally clean up after the kittens (they can be messy!)
  • Administrative tasks: respond to guest inquiries, answer emails, manage and coordinate booking calendar 
  • Additional areas of assistance could include: 
    • Content creation for Kitten BnB’s social media pages (e.g., photos and videos)
    • Transport kittens to shelter and vet

Prior experience with cats and kittens is preferred but not required. 

Candidates must:
– Live near Hoboken, NJ or surrounding areas.

– Be both an animal person and a people person (you’ll be spending a lot of time with both kitten guests and human guests!)

This role is as a part-time independent contractor starting out at [10-20] hours per week. There will be periodic reviews and the opportunity to grow within the company.

Please email resumes to jess@kittenbnb.com